About Paula

Paula has a deep connection with the Australian bush, having grown up near Paterson in NSW’s Hunter Valley and spending 7 years living on the historic Camden Park property whilst at secondary school. Both of these places significantly influenced Paula’s love of nature and the land, where she spent many occasions exploring with a sketch pad in hand, documenting her surrounds.

Paula currently lives, and works from her studio, in Walcha NSW; an area that abounds spectacular subjects in nature where she sources much of her inspiration. Paula's distinct style depicts the essence of Australia's landscapes using a range of mediums, predominately oils, and her works are known for her bold use of colour, textures and mark-making to form her landscapes and compositions.

After a long spell in the creative industry, Paula took her art to an exhibiting and commercial level again in 2014, capturing Australia’s wild and vast landscapes through her works.

“My art is a continuous journey of discovery as I explore, through painting, our incredible and diverse environments around the country. I look deep into a landscape and extract the subtleties and connotations that lie within. My aim is to evoke emotion and a sense of place through movement, form, depth and colour. I create connections with the Australian bush and rural landscapes to allow for a deeper understanding of the compelling beauty, the wild, the rugged and the mysteriousness that our unique landforms behold ”.

Paula has previously undertaken a one-month Art, Place & Culture workshop in Central Australia. The group camped with remote aboriginal communities and immersed themselves in the outback and art centres. This experience, and other visits to Australia's outback, has largely influenced Paula's work, often reflected through her frequent use of the warmer colour palette.

In 2002 Paula travelled to Spain to spend one-on-one time painting alongside the late Piers Dudley-Bateman at his Spanish home near Casarabonela in the Andalucía region. As an acclaimed and influential Australian landscape artist and having worked alongside other acclaimed artists such as Arthur Boyd and Charles Blackman, Piers continued to influence Paula's work until 2015 when he passed.